Oil Change

Get Your Oil Changed at Jackson Dodge

Okotoks drivers often come to Jackson Dodge to have their oil changed, as well as for numerous other servicing requirements. Taking care of those kinds of basic maintenance tasks is never something which should be ignored, and we’re only too happy to help out.
To find us from Okotoks, just follow these easy directions:

  • Take AB-2 S
  • Take exit 209 for AB-547 E
  • Turn right onto AB-24 S/AB-547 E
  • Turn left onto AB-547 E
  • Turn right onto AB-901 E
  • Turn right onto Trans-Canada Hwy/AB-1 E
  • Take the Dunmore Rd exit toward South Boundary Road
  • Drive to Strachan Rd SE
  • You’ll see us at 1500 Strachan Road SE in Medicine Hat

Why Do I Need to Change My Oil?

Oil is necessary to keep your car’s working parts well-lubricated. Metal-on-metal contact causes long-term damage, and the likelihood of this occurring increases when your oil begins to break down and collect dirt.

You should also change your oil filter at the same time as you change the oil itself. The filter helps remove contaminants such as dust particles and debris.

When Should the Oil be Changed?

It used to be necessary to change your oil every 5,000 km, but – unless you’re driving a very old vehicle – recent advances have adjusted that to anywhere from 6,000 km to 25,000 km, or around every 3 – 6 months.

That’s obviously a significant difference, but there are several variables. If you drive in severe conditions or across rough terrain, then changes will need to be more regular. The same is true if you consistently drive only short distances.

Why Should I Change Oil at Jackson Dodge?

To begin with, an experienced mechanic will be able to tell you more precisely when your oil needs changing, something which could easily save you money in the long run. Additionally, our technicians will inspect your vehicle while they’re changing the oil. This means that any minor problems will be spotted before they can become major ones.

Of course, you can always change your oil at home, but it’s far more beneficial to come down to Jackson Dodge.

Come Down to Jackson Dodge’s State-of-the-Art Service Centre Today

At Jackson Dodge, our technicians will take care of oil changes, wheel rotations, and any number of other repair jobs and maintenance requirements. For any further information, just contact us today online or by calling 866-517-6903. We can’t wait to serve our Okotoks customers soon!