Technology Showdown: 2016 Dodge Dart vs. 2017 Ford Focus

2016 Dodge Dart Gray

When it comes to vehicles like the 2016 Dodge Dart and the 2017 Ford Focus, the availability of innovative and high-performing technology both inside the vehicle and under the hood are important to being successful. However, some vehicles are able to do it better than others and enhance the driving experience of that particular vehicle. In this case, the Dodge Dart is able to provide a more sophisticated level of available technology, and in turn, provide a smoother running vehicle with better features than you’ll find in the 2017 Ford Focus.

Convenient Interior Technology

While both of the vehicles offer the same basic features, such as air conditioning, power windows, and access to SiriusXM Radio, there are plenty of differences to be seen between the two interiors. You begin to see where the 2016 Dart pulls ahead of the 2017 Focus when you start comparing the availability of certain features. For example, while both of the vehicles offer a 60/40 split folding rear seat, the Dodge Dart also provides an extra convenient trunk pass-through feature that is unavailable on the Focus. Another example of this is found when comparing the seating: both vehicles are equipped with power seating, but while the Focus only provides up to eight configurations, the Dart provides ten plus four lumbar adjust configurations for truly custom-fit driver comfort. Subtle details differentiating the two abound, showing just how much of a leg up the Dodge Dart has on the Focus.

Performance Enhancing Technology

2016 Dodge Dart DashWhen it comes to performance-enhancing technology we see the same trend of better innovation under the hood of the Dart. There is some overlap in feature availability, but in this respect the Dodge Dart manages to come out on top with either an upgraded takes on the Focus’ features, or the availability of features that the Focus lacks. For instance, both vehicles obviously come with headlights and taillights, but while the Focus stops there and just provides the basics, the Dart goes on to provide drivers with automatic bifunctional halogen projector headlamps, projector fog lamps, and LED racetrack taillamps.

The constant oversight by the 2017 Ford Focus shows that the vehicle spends more time focusing on less important aspects of the vehicle while consistently forgetting to focus an equal amount of energy on developing the technological aspects of the vehicle as far as they could be.

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