Value Your Trade

For reliable, detailed, and up-to-the minute information about the value of your vehicle, there is no better source than Canadian Black Book. Don’t trade your vehicle in without looking up your make and model first. You could be drastically undervaluing your car without realizing it.

Canadian Black Book combines automotive experience with financial expertise to help you find the true value of your vehicle, no matter what condition it is in. After years of accurately helping to shape the automobile marketplace, Canadian Black Book has established itself as the preeminent authority on automotive valuation. Car buyers and sellers alike rely on the information Canadian Black Book provides to help keep things simple and fair.

Finding this information is also exceptionally easy. You simply enter the make and model of you car, basic information about its condition, and a few details about its history. The information is immediately processed, and the accurate value of your vehicle is returned to you immediately. The process takes only a minute or two, and the information is delivered to you instantaneously. It’s important to note that this is only an estimate based on the information you provide — to give you a trade-in offer, the Jackson Dodge team will need to inspect you vehicle in person.

If you need a partner who can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing process of trading in a vehicle, rely on Canadian Black Book for an estimate, and then come in to Jackson Dodge to get a firm trade-in offer. Don’t trust unproven, inaccurate, and unreliable sources for auto prices — trust the professionals at Canadian Black Book.